Charitable Fundraising Partnerships

“It is deeply satisfying to know when Misty Fjord seafood is being served, a portion of sales benefits organizations such as One School at a Time”. 
Fran Kaul

Misty Fjord wildsalmon direct from the fisherman to you – a fund raising project you can feel good about!

Consider partnering with Misty Fjord Seafood Producers to benefit your favorite charitable organization. 

Our Fundraising Partnership programs help to bring high quality sustainably harvested seafood to underserved markets while raising funds for a worthy cause.  We invite individuals, groups and retail marketers can email us to apply to partner with Misty Fjord Seafood Producers to participate in a fundraising project you can feel good about.

We offer the following two partnership options:  

Traditional Fundraiser Project for organizers who wish to pre-sell fish to benefit a charitable organization.  Misty Fjord charges wholesale prices plus shipping and provides promotional materials.  Product is shipped upon receipt of payment. 

Charitable organizations or their advocates team with a Retail Merchant to resell Misty Fjord products.  Your organization receives a portion of the profits from the resale of fish purchased by the merchant.  We provide promotional materials for the special sales event.  Product is shipped directly to the merchant upon receipt of payment.  

2021 Fundraiser

This year, through private sales, I would like to have a special fundraiser to donate profits to a special non- profit organization.

I have chosen Women’s Advocates, a non-profit organization founded in 1974 as the first shelter in the nation for the victims/survivors of domestic violence. It works in the community and online to provide shelter, help and advocacy to women in crisis. The past two years have been rough on all of us, but in particular, Women in crisis.

To learn more about this organization, please go to:

One School at a Time

One School at a Time and Big Hollow Food Coop of Laramie Wyoming have teamed-up with Misty Fjord to raise funds for small schools in rural Uganda. 

“Who could possibly imagine how a sockeye salmon swimming around in Bristol Bay, Alaska could be in any way connected to a child in rural Uganda, Africa?  Well, these two things are connected now!  Fran Kaul, fisherwoman and owner of Misty Fjord Seafood has generously donated profits from Laramie Wyoming sockeye sales to One School at a Time.  Laramie fish lovers are not only enjoying a healthy meal, but are also supporting our programs in Uganda to empower and improve impoverished schools.  Thank you so much Fran and local Laramie fish monger (Big Hollow Food Coop)”
Ellen Axtmann, for One School at a Time

One School at a Time works with Ugandans to develop well-managed, self-reliant, sustainable schools where children not only survive, but thrive.

“Go to the people. Learn from them… Start with what they know. Build with what they have. ..when the job is done, the people will all say we have done it ourselves.” 
Lao Tzu

One School at a Time provides targeted Ugandan schools with technical support and capacity building through our Ugandan Program Manager. We link schools to already existing programs that may benefit them, and we provide capital improvements using environmentally sustainable solutions. 

We focus on the whole school: governance, security, strategic long term planning, financial management, community and parent involvement, teacher development and sustainable infrastructure development.